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Award winning large Persimmon & Stone fruit property for sale, situated in the beautiful and Mary Valley area  (2 Hours North of Brisbane)
Mary Valley Orchards is a family owned & operated fruit plantation, producing sweet, seedless, non-astringent Persimmons.

Our Sweet Persimmon is not to be confused with the astringent variety that most people associate with when they first hear the word Persimmon that variety needs to be soft before any attempt can be made to eat it.

Discover the new varieties of delightful flavour, crisp texture and beautiful colour of our sweet, seedless, non-astringent Persimmons.
In 2007 the company received the prestigious Small Business and Regional Exporter of the Year Awards.

Bud-break occurs in the spring, about end August...

The Persimmon tree is deciduous. In our region...

Commitment for the Environment
Mary Valley orchards uses biological principals for sustainable, healthier and tastier fruit.

Fruit thinning is carried out between mid-January......

It is during the winter dormancy that we...

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